Even though no one's waifu is real, Rei is even less real because she's a clone. But waifus are like wrestling, the people who say "It's not real!" are missing the point. It's harmless escapism that nobody (for the most part) takes seriously. Remeber though, escapism is only healthy in small doses. There's nothing wrong with loving a fictional character, but there's probably something wrong with buying a 1:1 scale statue of that characer and showing it to people.

I'm using this site as a testing ground for learning HTML, CSS and jQuery (except this page in its current state uses no jQuery). Also it's a place to praise best girl. Mostly the latter. Also FTP is really akward if you have a shitty default ISP router which restricts it in ways i can't figure out. Somehow I got it to work on my phone, but not my PC.

I don't care which Eva girl (or boy, Eva has pretty good boys) you like the most,as long as its not Asuka "Literally Only Loved By Cucks" Langley. If you unironically get mad about waifus, please reconsider your life choices.

I've remade this site so many times and I still hate it. It also doesn't work on mobile but fuck it.